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Sarah Rasmusen


VP, Digital Merchandising & Analytics
Kohl's Corporation
Sarah Rasmusen heads the Digital Merchandising & Analytics teams for (No. 18 on the IR 500). Sarah and her team are responsible for ensuring that Kohl’s customers are delighted by their digital experience, a mission that results in increased conversion rates and higher sales. She aggressively combines intuitive site merchandising with data-driven insights, helping establish Kohl’s as an industry leader in retail innovation. Sarah and her team are focused on driving sales by partnering with cross-functional stakeholders, deeply understanding customers’ signals and developing a digital experience that personalizes the shopping journey for each individual customer.

Speaking in:

Wednesday Sep 27
9:30 - 10:15 AM
Breakout Stage 2

Kohl's is using data - a lot of it - to help track the ever-evolving influence of digital on retail.

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