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Cristina Ceresoli


SVP, Retail Strategy
National Retail Federation
Cristina Ceresoli is the senior vice president for retail strategy at the National Retail Federation. She is responsible for NRF’s product offering and event content strategy, with a special focus on customer experience and digital expansion in the industry.

Ceresoli came to NRF in 2017 from Express Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, where she served as vice president of marketing and PR and grew an innovative content marketing practice based in consumer experience, brand evolution and data-driven insight. Ceresoli specialized in consumer behavior patterns that drive brand advocacy and purchasing trends in an evolving digital world.

In her early years at Express Inc., Ceresoli served as vice president of ecommerce merchandising, where she grew the business from single-digit penetration to over 20 percent of net sales. During this time, she launched new and exclusive apparel businesses for Express, and led early exploration of content and commerce optimization. Prior to Express, Ceresoli held merchandising leadership positions at Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s Secret.

Ceresoli began her career as an early employee of E-Lab, a pioneer in turning firsthand customer insights into innovative products and experiences. She progressed that work at Sapient, a leader in digital business transformation, where she helped drive the internet experience practice, using evolving human behavior to inform innovative business and technology solutions.

Ceresoli earned her MBA at Columbia Business School, and taught at Parsons, The New School in the Strategic Design and Management Program for many years.