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Is your company future fit?

Wednesday, September 27
Feature Stage
Is your company future fit?

The Future Laboratory shares what you need to know about consumers and communities to build for the future.

Will your company be around in 5 years? What will it look like? There are three big challenges that The Future Laboratory's Trevor Hardy will address because he's passionate about your need to master them. They are: your need to reconnect with a disconnected consumer; rebuild trust in an age of growing distrust; and re-engage people and communities in a grander purpose. In this session, we'll look at the drivers and causes of the consumer mindset and the emerging trends and innovative technologies that will shape future-fit retail business in the years ahead.

Key takeaways include:

Six behaviors that make an organization fit for the future

How retailers can invest in long-term innovations and still ensure short-term success

The future-readiness of retail vs. other sectors

At the end of this session, Trevor Hardy will host an audience Q&A through the mobile app and Twitter. Use #FutureFitRetail to submit your questions at any time during the session!

This session is optimized for earbuds on channel 3 (free pair included with registration).
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