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Women rule: Entrepreneurial inspiration

Tuesday, September 26
Main Stage
Women rule: Entrepreneurial inspiration

The female founders and CEOs behind Beautycounter, Minted and theSkimm share how they've developed their entrepreneurial brands.

3:30pm: Leading a movement

Building a movement to disrupt the 62 billion dollar beauty industry doesn’t happen overnight. Armed with information, passion, and a team of 25K women, Gregg Renfrew will walk you through the inspiration for Beautycounter, the brand’s unique business model, and it’s mission to effect legislative change all the way to Washington.

3:50pm: Presentation by Minted

4:05pm: Not your typical startup founders: how two journalists became tech and media experts

By offering short, relatable news briefs that fit specifically into the routines of intelligent, busy working-class readers, theSkimm became the first news outlet to saturate a then-untouched sector of the market. Danielle and Carly discuss how they built the platform that brought them from news journalists to successful tech and media experts seemingly overnight; and share the trials and tribulations they encountered along the way, from building a business and hiring a team, to assembling a galvanized community of millions of dedicated ‘Skimm’bassadors,’ to fundraising and finding investors.

At the end of this session, Martine will host an audience Q&A through the mobile app and Twitter. Use #WomenRule to submit your questions at any time during the session!

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