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Transformation stories: Reinventing your company and reinvigorating loyalty

Wednesday, September 27
Main Stage
Transformation stories: Reinventing your company and reinvigorating loyalty

Founders and CEOs talk candidly about leading their companies through major transformation and discuss building loyal and engaged customers.

10:30am: DSW’s brand revitalization story: inspiring self-expression

With the retail landscape rapidly changing, DSW knew it needed to differentiate to survive and thrive. Learn how its new mission to inspire self-expression is galvanizing the DSW team to deliver an engaging customer experience that stirs emotion through loyalty, technology, and a new aesthetic that draws on its warehouse heritage.

10:50am: Reinventing retail in the age of the connected customer

Start-up founders converse on hot topics in retail: new business models, role of brand, importance of the customer experience, driving loyalty, trends, company pivots and the impact of Amazon.  

11:10am: The Ashley Stewart movement: a story of reinvention through kindness, social media and math

Want to hear about how a twice-bankrupt brick-and-mortar retailer with decades of operating losses and no corporate wi-fi as late as 2013 (!) became a cutting-edge and socially influential budding media brand in less than four years? Hear from James Rhee, long-time private equity investor turned unlikely CEO, as he walks through his approach to operations (from bond durations to Toyota production system tenets) and the convergence of life and business through social media.  Most importantly, learn how his emphasis on kindness and inclusiveness propelled a shocking cultural and technological revolution that drove one of the most successful financial exits of 2016.

, Founder and CEO
, Affirm
, @mlevchin
, Founder and CEO
, Rockets of Awesome
, @rocketsofawesom
, Founder and CEO
, Tradesy
, @tradesy
, DSW Inc.
, @DSWShoeLovers
, Executive Chairman & CEO, Ashley Stewart and Founder & President, FirePine Group
, @iamjamesrhee
, Co-founder and SVP, Performance Marketing
, Peloton