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Tech Talk: Artificial intelligence: The new personal shopper

Wednesday, September 27
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Tech Talk: Artificial intelligence: The new personal shopper

Retailers must take an experience-first approach that engages customers as they move between device and store. Today’s digitally sophisticated shoppers require memorable, immersive experiences.

As AI has become more reliable, it offers retailers powerful means to intelligently predict customer behavior, enhance the shopper experience and ultimately increase sales. Ranging from the ability for shoppers to receive suggestions based on their shopping behaviors - a belt that matches a pair of pants, wine paired to a dinner recipe - to digitally enabled experiences such as virtual makeovers that draw consumers into brick-and-mortar stores, AI-fueled recommendations are enhanced with each interaction. AI also has the potential to transform retail operations including Merchandising, Supply Chain and Product Lifecycle Management.

, Director, Industry Strategy Retail
, Adobe