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Going gaga for brands in La La Land

Tuesday, September 26
Breakout Stage 1
Going gaga for brands in La La Land

There’s something about the sunshine in Southern California that fuels innovative ideas. TOMS and Harper Wilde shine a light on what makes their L.A.-based companies tick.

What do you get when you combine the spirit of philanthropy with the commitment to educate girls and empower women? TOMS and Harper Wilde. These companies use a combination of spunk, problem-solving, humor, grit and generosity to drive their business and feed their passion. They’ll explain how they got here and where they’re going. By getting closer to their customer TOMS is re-tooling programs based on consumer sentiment. Harper Wilde is analyzing customer behavior from both quantitative and qualitative standpoints to inform new ways to innovate and revolutionize e-commerce. Hear the tactics each is using to increase their business to better serve their market—all the while leading from the heart.

Mondy, Jane and Nina are hosting an audience Q&A through the mobile app and Twitter. Use #SoCalInnovate to submit your questions at any time during the session!

This session is optimized for earbuds on channel 1 (free pair included with registration).

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