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Creative Conversations

Wednesday, September 27
Main Stage
Creative Conversations

Provocative conversations with celebrity entrepreneurs who followed their passion in content creation, media, and sports.

2:15pm: A conversation with Omar Miller

Actor and entrepreneur talks with Matthew Shay about the changing media landscape, content, and how to create and engage an audience.

2:30pm: Off the court with Kobe Bryant

The five-time NBA champion talks with Heidi O’Neill about life post-Lakers and the formation of his own business enterprise.

At the end of this session, Heidi O'Neill will host an audience Q&A with Kobe Bryant through the mobile app and Twitter. Use #MambaMentality to submit your questions at any time during the session!

, President, Direct to Consumer
, Nike Inc.
, @Nike
, CEO, Kobe Inc. and General Partner, Bryant Stibel
, Global Director
, Big Easy Productions Inc.
, President and CEO
, National Retail Federation