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7.5 Billion bosses: Consumers are in charge now

Tuesday, September 26
Breakout Stage 2
7.5 Billion bosses: Consumers are in charge now

Hear how consumers — and their evolving behaviors — are changing the face of modern retail.

Does it feel like there's a new addition to the C-suite: the Chief Consumer? Understandably so - the digital landscape is constantly changing with new opportunities and challenges for brands and retail. Learn from trend expert Kate Ancketill who will share the most prominent macro trends effecting e-commerce and explain how to best capitalize on them for your benefit. She'll also help connect the dots examining how consumers are interacting with retailers across their path to purchase, and putting themselves in charge.

Key takeaways include:

How to strengthen your retail position in the market
Examples that fly under the radar of data analysis
New consumer research affecting retail: NRF's The Consumer View

Kate is hosting an audience Q&A through the mobile app and Twitter. Use #ConsumerView to submit your questions at any time during the session!

This session is optimized for earbuds on channel 2 (free pair included with registration).
, CEO and Founder
, GDR Creative Intelligence
, @kateancketill