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Web Spiders Inc


Web Spiders Inc
Booth # 808
New York, NY
United States

Web Spiders (WS) is an enterprise software company that develops AI enabled intelligent products for retailers. The singular focus of these products is to drive forward 'user engagement' and bridge the gap between customers and brands using mobility and Artificial Intelligence-led Bots. It is best known for ZOE.

What is ZOE

ZOE is the ultimate AI-powered Enterprise platform to build text and voice bots. It enables you to create, test, deploy, measure and manage your bots creating personalized, native conversational experience within the messaging app of choice.

·      Natural Language Processing

With rich intent and attributes management

·       Bot-to-Human Takeover

Track customer sentiments real-time & take over with human agents

·       Integrations

Integrate with CRM, ERP, Cloud API's

·       Emotion AI

Understands and evaluates emotional aspects from the video

·       Sentiment Analysis

Performs sentiment analysis by seeking and collecting feedback

·       Bot Analytics

Measure & boost interactions, user retention rate and more