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Chicago, IL
United States

Tangiblee helps online businesses gain more engaged, confident shoppers who convert more often, increase their average order value, and hold onto items purchased rather than return or exchange.  Tangiblee is an eCommerce visualization service that transforms retailers' online catalogs into powerful, interactive shopping experiences.  Using a retailer's existing content onsite, Tangiblee's service creates visual context and comparison features for every SKU and SKU variation.  Online shoppers can easily understand how an item will fit their body, what will fit inside the item, how it looks at home, and how it looks compared to another item.  Perhaps most importantly, Tangiblee provides clients actionable insights into what their customers are doing on their website - on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Tangiblee works on any eComm platform and is optimized for any retailer's specific branding and customer-focused needs.  Visual optimization will be your website's most powerful conversion asset - and Tangiblee can prove it to you this Holiday sales season by completing onboarding and going LIVE onsite within 10 business days of sign-up.