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Social Native


Social Native
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Beverly Hills, CA
United States

Social Native empowers brands to retain relevancy with consumers via a 1:1 personalized content solution. Our content engine enables brands to generate high volumes of content on demand, while our creative optimization platform utilizes cutting edge technologies to help companies predict content relevancy and performance.

Social Native brings the gig economy to the creative industry. By paying talented consumers to create content for the brands they love, we’re connecting the dots between content supply and demand, to create unparalleled cost efficiency, speed, and scale in the creative industry. Creators have a new source of income, and brands are getting better content for a fraction of the cost previously possible.

With Social Native, brands are increasing CTR by 4x with personalized content.

  • High volumes of content at $250/image
  • Created by consumers for consumers
  • Personalized for every target segment
  • Finally, true 1:1 marketing
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