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ScientiaMobile provides accurate mobile device intelligence and image optimization solutions that improves the mobile experience and make web pages load faster.

If web site users have to wait over 3 seconds for a site to load, then 75% of them become frustrated by the mobile experience and will abandon their potential purchases. Enterprises, ecommerce, and advertising companies lose sales opportunities totaling millions of dollars because of this poor user experience. Over 50,000 mobile devices types complicate delivering an optimized mobile web experience.

ScientiaMobile’s solves this with device detection and image CDN solutions. Our WURFL device detection is the most accurate and expansive device detection solution in the world with over 53,000 devices, 99% accuracy, unparalleled API speed, and world class 24-7 support.

Our ImageEngine device-aware CDN is the only solution in the market that combines proactive device detection with image resizing and CDN capabilities.

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