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Booth # TL
Chadderton, Oldham
United Kingdom

Google Analytics for physical spaces

Understanding how consumers move around your venue, how frequently they visit and what their spending behaviour looks like is invaluable information. This kind of analytical data enables retailers to paint an accurate picture of who their consumers are, interest profiles, their average footfall and conversion rate, and create a targeted end-to-end engagement experience closing the circle of in-store footfall to online traffic with intelligent marketing tools.

What is Purple?

Purple is a scalable, cloud-based guest WiFi analytics platform. Using social engagement, marketing tools, data interrogation and location analytics to bring brands the intelligent digital insights of physical spaces through WiFi, GPRS, LTE, BLE and sensors in real time.

With Purple, retailers can segment customers into targeted groups based on social likes and interests, demographics, gender, age, loyalty and their physical location and movement around the store. This information can then be used to drive offers and promotions in real time relevant to each individual's social preferences, enhancing the effectiveness of services and spend.