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Pixelz Inc.


Pixelz Inc.
Booth # 1201
San Diego, CA
United States

On-Demand Retouching for E-Commerce

Effortlessly retouch product images, scale post-production, and optimize your photo studio workflow. 

At Pixelz, we've spent years investing in people and developing software to create post-production’s greatest ever timesaver, S.A.W.™, a digital assembly line and traffic control system. The result is unprecedented speed, consistency, and scalability.  

How It Works.

Your photographers upload unprocessed product images to our digital lean production platform and we send them back professionally retouched and ready to go online in as little as three hours.

About Pixelz.

Pixelz was founded in Denmark but is now found locally, thanks to offices on four continents and in 15 countries. We’re trusted by leading brands and photo studios around the world and have retouched 20 million product images and counting.

Scale post-production effortlessly with talent and technology

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