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Why simply re-target anonymously when you can re-engage personally? 

Introducing Programmatic Re-engagement™ which will turn your web browsers into buyers!

What do you do with the 98% of web visitors that don't convert (interested visitors, partial form fill, shopping cart abandonment etc.) after they leave your website?  

There has to be a better way than the crumbs delivered from cookie-based retargeting with a response rate below 1%!  With Programmatic Re-engagement, you will have 10 times higher response rate.

Programmatic Re-engagement™ identifies your website visitors’ actions, and identifies this traffic (anonymous and known) to activate re-targeting using direct mail, email and digital channels with personalized messages. This re-engagement is intelligent as it tracks and is optimized overtime to deliver the best possible response rate and ROI.

Programmatic Re-engagement™ connects your online and offline!

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