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Booth # 2013
Seattle, WA
United States

Metricstory recovers revenue and prevents revenue loss through automated analysis and actionable alerts delivered to ecommerce organizations. We uncover insights and give organizations the actionable information necessary to rapidly get these problems fixed. Metricstory is extremely easy to adopt, working with organizations’ existing Google Analytics ecommerce data.


Metricstory allows organizations to improve their revenue by continually uncovering specific and actionable insights. We do this by performing detailed automated analysis along the many detailed dimensions of ecommerce data – serving as “an automated analyst at scale.” We start with an organization’s rich streams of data in Google Analytics, effectively a warehouse for ecommerce behavior across many channels including paid and organic search, mobile applications, social media and push campaigns. Metricstory finds the insights, empowers organizations to fix the problems and builds a store of long term value to make ecommerce systematically more effective.