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The data platform powering your fraud team

KnowThyCustomer powers fraud teams at America’s top eCommerce companies. Our Fraud Check solution cross references your order details with best-in-class data to increase your Safe Approval Rate (SAR) and time to ship, while reducing chargebacks. Whether shipping a bed-in-a-box, a luxury timepiece, or a cart full of low-priced items, we'll help you identify potentially fraudulent orders before you ship. 

We connect the dots between details like phone numbers, property addresses, emails, and IP addresses and corresponding social networks and public records data to improve how you determine if you really know who you are shipping to.

In addition to fraud prevention solutions, KnowThyCustomer offers data enrichment services for sales, marketing and customer insights. You can access our data via our developer friendly API, batch processing, and web portal.

  • Verify order details

  • Prevent fraud

  • Automate Marketing

  • Enrich your CRM

  • Increase Customer Intelligence