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Booth # 2019
New York, CA
United States

Forter provides fully automated and highly accurate real-time fraud decision, eliminating rules, scores and manual reviews. That's an instant approve or decline decision for every transaction, covered by a full fraud chargeback guarantee. We call it Decision as a Service.

With Forter's exceptional accuracy, online merchants experience increased approvals, a smoother checkout experience, and the near elimination of false positives - meaning more sales and happeir customers at a much lower cost. 

Full automation means scale is no longer a problem, even during the busiest of seasons. It removes the InfoSec risk that comes with a reliance on manual reviews and ensures that fraud prevention no longer creates delays on the fulfillment side. 

It's all possible because of our "Integrated Intelligence" - the powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence with the constant research and analysis of our team of human experts. This allows us to maximize the potential of "big data" while also keeping ahead of the fraudster ecosystem and their new techniques and attacks.

Products & Services Categories: Customer Service + Supply Chain/Distribution, Fraud