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Fanplayr Inc.


Fanplayr Inc.
Booth # 1237
Menlo Park, CA
United States

As a seasoned ecommerce pro, you know how to drive conversions on your site.

But did you know there are untapped pockets of value in your conversion funnel?  How do you...

  • Identify those untapped revenue pockets?
  • Generate new revenue from erstwhile non-converters?
  • Get low-value converters to increase their spend?

Schedule a meeting with us at booth #1237 and we'll show you how. Learn why Fanplayr's data-driven segmentation and targeting service is #1 for increased conversion and average order value.

Enterprises like eBags, Guess, Sur la Table, Alitalia have used Fanplayr to access that untapped value and drive revenues higher.  Over 20% higher in targeted segments.