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ciValue Systems
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ciValue's Precision Marketing solution powers multi-channel personalization at scale, using big-data and machine learning algorithms, with proven offer acceptance growth of 9X and best-customer store visit increases of more than 10%.

With ciValue, retailers can provide hyper-relevant offers and digital experiences across all touch points - including loyalty apps, e-mail, digital circulars, and e-commerce.

Implemented within weeks, ciValue’s cloud based solution provides transformative results at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional business intelligence and personalization projects.

By automating the data-science, ciValue Customer Intelligence computes hundreds of behavioral attributes for each customer, enabling marketers to interactively create customer personas and segments, identify revenue opportunities and threats and track changes over time.

In addition, ciValue enables win-win insight sharing with suppliers, supporting joint execution of highly profitable marketing campaigns, where relevant.