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Centris Information Services


Centris Information Services
Centris Information Services
Booth # 912
Longview, TX
United States

Centris provides advanced contact center solutions and strategic business intelligence to our partners, through our talented and skilled team of agents in Mexico, allowing us to help our partners increase customer retention, sales, and increase market share.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we specialize in quality bilingual calls, customer support, technical support, and helping companies expand into the ever-expanding Hispanic market. With our nearshore business model, Centris provides up to a 70% savings over US-based call centers, all while improving quality. In addition to our bilingual support, we’re known for our accent-neutral support in English and a deep understanding of American culture.

Our services include customer support, inbound sales, marketing surveys, financial services, technical support, insurance services, live chat, and business process outsourcing. While we support numerous industries, we have specialized experience in the e-commerce, insurance, healthcare and security space.