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Booth # 1853
New York, NY
United States

Botify is the premiere SEO platform for enterprise companies.

Real Rankings Paired with Technical SEO 

Built by SEOs for SEOs, Botify's innovative solution unifies, for the first time, real rankings with the most advanced content quality and technical SEO KPIs. Within Botify, actual user queries are paired with 350+ content and technical SEO metrics. This directly ties SEO KPIs to performance. Users find graphs about how depth is directly impacting rankings. They see how fast loading pages rank compared to slow loading pages. They'll even be able to distinguish mobile performance from desktop performance with dedicated graphs.

Visibility Across The Entire Search Process

The combination of our multiple award-winning applications: Botify Analytics, Botify Log Analyzer, and Botify Keywords is the source of our superior search insights. Botify closes the loop for SEOs by giving users visibility into, and power over, each step in the search process. Superior search performance comes from optimizing each step of search from the way that search engines crawl content, index pages, and ultimately rank a site. 

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