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Aila Technologies, Inc.


Aila Technologies, Inc.
Aila Technologies, Inc.
Booth # TL
Natick, MA
United States

Aila makes smart hardware that adds exceptional customer-facing digital capabilities wherever they are needed most. Aila’s proprietary technology transforms Apple's familiar mobile products into powerful enterprise-ready tools by combining industry-leading integrated scanning functionality with sleek, store-ready design.

From enhanced brick-and-mortar shopping experiences to streamlined operational processes, Aila devices are the foundation of a digital infrastructure that will enable brands to meet the demands of digital-first consumers.

Aila's Interactive Kiosk with TrueScan™ technology is the perfect in-store retail solution for:

  • Price checking
  • Product locating
  • Custom ordering
  • Digital couponing
  • Point-of-sale transactions
  • Loyalty sign-up & check-in
  • And more!

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